As she is in Painting, Luccia Lignan is a source of incessant creations.


Luccia Lignan Sculptress  About Her pacesetter is to bravely conquer us with tempting and far from naive forms, at the same time a complementing tone defines a pattern in volume.

The predominance of color in some of her works lets us go into a high range of feelings and passions.

So the statuary of Luccia Lignan is a search for the satisfaction and liberty with the forms and colours,whether it be it in the luminosity of her nudes or the attitudes of her characters' faces, depicted or not.

Her work can be anything from small size to composions of monumental character with all passion and splendor.

Therefore, we are in the presence of a strong trifecta of Sculpture, Drawing & Painting.

As a painter, the Nudes of Luccia Lignan talk to us about sensuality.-Her women demonstrate the ideal "Eternal Woman with Classical Echoes, but under the Modern vision of 21st century Eroticism".-For her The Nude is an art, and expresive form, a cry of freedom, a call to the beauty.

Whether they appear as individual figures or in more complex compositions, Lignan's nudes participate in theatrical scenes.

The Portrait, The Still-Life, and The Landscape form the parts of her production, demonstrating her pictorial discipline in The International Contemporary Art Scene.

Her splendid abstractions depict a universe governed by textures and harmonic colors, stimulating
in the viewer with a fountain of pure pleasure.

New York Arts Magazine Luccia Lignan "Lollipop Lolitas"




Article about Luccia Lignan, Published by NY Arts Magazine 473 Broadway, 7th fl New York, NY 10013, (July/August 2008 print issue)




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